About Us

As the world’s largest producer of 2-Ethylhexyl Nitrate (2-EHN) diesel fuel cetane improver, with available capacity in excess of 150,000,000 annual pounds, Eurenco consumes none of its production.   This allows Eurenco to be totally committed to the merchant marketing of its product to Eurenco’s valued customers around the globe.   Eurenco’s decades of experience in continuous nitration and the ecological treatment and reuse of its residual acids; combined with excellent logistics management from its well-located production facility allows Eurenco to deliver competitively priced product anywhere 2-EHN is needed worldwide.  Eurenco gives its customers seeking global procurement solutions for numerous use facilities on several continents, the continuity and flexibility only Eurenco can deliver as the production leader.


12621 Featherwood  Ste. 230

Houston, TX. 77034